Concierge Cremation Services

"A myriad of cremation options!"  Like anything choosing cremation is a personal choice. More and more people are choosing cremation for various reasons; economic reasons, simplicity, personal choice, religious beliefs, etc. By choosing cremation you are not limited on ways to memorialize or celebrate the life of your loved one. You can have calling hours at the funeral home or location of your choice with the cremated remains in an urn, you can have a Mass of Christian Burial, a Memorial Service or a Celebration of Life. Cremated remains deserve the same dignity, respect and reverence as a decedent in a casket.  When you choose cremation you have two prominent charges; 1) The funeral home/cremation serve charge, and 2) what the crematory charges to perform the cremation. The funeral home fee can vary from facility to facility by thousand's of dollars. The KEVIN M. MASON FUNERAL HOME HOME fee is $750.00. The crematories usually charge around $300.00.Death notices and death certificates are at an additional cost.

Direct Cremation Funeral Home Fee is $750.00



1) Your wishes are strictly adhered to at all times

2) Your loved one is provided with dignity and respect at all times

3) There is never a fee to dress your loved one in their favorite clothing.

4) Your loved one is identified at the place of passing and at the crematory.

5) We provide you with a list of crematories and their charge to perform cremation, you may choose which crematory you prefer.

 6) At need or "pre-need" cremation  arrangements can be made in the comfort of your home or at the funeral home.

 7) We will make arrangements with you to deliver the cremated remains to you, or to a cemetery either in the crematory provided container or urn/vessel of your choice.  (If cremains are to be buried in a cemetery,  the cemetery may require the cremains to be place in an urn/vault. This would be purchased at the funeral home.

 8) We have a large selection of urns, vaults, keepsake urns, jewelry and memory boxes.   You may select from all at wholesale prices.

 9)  We will obtain, complete and file all necessary authorizations and documents required by New York State Law and provide you with photocopies. This includes (but is not limited to): Social Security Administration, Medicare, Veterans Benefits, Life Insurance, etc.

 10) With your assistance we will write and publish a death notice and/or obituary in local newspapers.

 11) We provide unlimited complimentary space on our website to publish a picture, obituary and death notice. As a permanent memorial to your loved on. This information remains on our website indefinitely. We can make any changes to the content at any time upon your request.

 12)  If you would like to have a memorial service, memorial visitation, a celebration of life or a family service at the funeral home we provide a "honoring life DVD" at no charge and a memorial candle at no charge. Our funeral home provides complimentary WiFi, sound system and coffee bar for all guests along with baked goods and a clean, gracious and pleasant atmosphere. The additional charge for funeral home rental and staff is very affordable and is detailed on our general price list.

 13) At the Kevin M. Mason Funeral Home, we adhere to our "Family First Motto" at all times. We consider serving your family an honor and a privilege.  We take this responsibility very seriously.

Every funeral home offers cremation services and what amenities (if any) will vary. Pricing will also vary from facility to facility. We believe our pricing is fair and our professional services, commitment to you, and care for your loved one are unparalleled.

Pricing for Direct Cremation - $750.00

Pricing for Direct Cremation - $750.00

When choosing cremation there are two prominent charges.   These are the funeral home charges and the crematory charges. Additional charges such as death certificates, a published death notice in the newspaper, church  and/or cemetery fees, etc. are NOT included in the funeral home fee.  THE KEVIN M. MASON FUNERAL HOME FEE FOR CREMATION  IS $750.00  Crematory charges vary but are usually around $300.  

Pricing for Cremation with a visitation with Cremated remains in a urn - $1,610.00

Pricing for Cremation with a visitation with Cremated remains in a urn - $1,610.00

Pricing for Traditional Viewing Followed by Cremation - $3,850.00

Pricing for Traditional Viewing Followed by Cremation - $3,850.00

  • Transfer of the deceased to the funeral home
  • Embalming: (only required for open casket viewing)
  • Dressing: 
  • Cosmetology/Hairdressing: 
  • Cremation Casket: (Metal Caskets can not be cremated) Particle Board  Casket with cloth covering
  • Funeral Home Rental:
  • Supervision During Visitation: 
  • Choice of Standard Prayer/Memorial Cards: (per 100 / laminated) 
  • Guest Register Book: 
  • Supervision of Funeral/Prayer Service: (At any location) 
  • Hearse: (Only if necessary to go from church to crematory. If there is a service at the funeral home,  a hearse is not necessary) 

The family will be notified when the cremains are available to be received from the funeral home. Usually 48-72 hours.

Based on this example, you would pay $3,850.00 plus cash advances as specified.

This example does INCLUDE the crematory fee. Not included are: church/clergy/organist fees, death certificates, a permanent vessel for the cremains, and a published death notice in the Buffalo News.


Direct Cremation usually refers to the deceased being cremated as after death as possible. In accordance with NYS Law, authorizations, permits and documents need to be completed and filed and the physician/ health care facility must issue a death certificate. Sometimes this is accomplished with  in one day or may take two to three days. Once all paperwork is in order, only then can the cremation take place.

Cremation is NOT a funeral or ceremony, it is a process. Some families choose cremation with no formal or informal service of any kind. While others may choose a service for family and/or friends. Choosing cremation does NOT limit your options of honoring the legacy of your loved one. You may have open casket visitation, a service then cremation. Other suggestions include visitation with an urn containing the cremated remains, a mass, memorial service, a celebration of life, an open house, etc. In helping you adhere to your wishes and honoring the legacy of your loved one, we will work alongside you in tailoring a beautiful tribute if you choose to do so.

Every crematory in New York State requires a Cremation Authorization Form to be completed by the Funeral Director and signed by the next of kin. This is done at the arrangement conference.

You have questions and we will provide direct, honest and comprehensive answers to help you make informed decisions. We are always here for you.