Our Prices

In this section you can read about our prices, view examples of additional and cremation services and the prices for each. You will read about trust accounts and cash advances as well as option for payments.  You will find that the Kevin M. Mason Funeral Home offers affordable prices for traditional funerals and our concierge cremation. We are simply a telephone call ways to discuss options with you either pre-need or at need. We will work with you to help you honor and celebrate the life of your loved one.  Talk to us about your financial situation and how you want to honor the legacy of your family member.

When a loved one passes away there are many details that must be attended to. Planning the funeral and/or cremation is just one of these details.  Every family should consider their financial situation when making arrangements. If the deceased had life insurance, the money is used to pay for final expenses. if there is no life insurance, the family will be responsible to pay for the services selected.

At the Kevin M Mason Funeral Home we will take every financial situation into consideration. The examples above show how we can help you financially as well as care for your loved one and your family in your time of need.  The above prices are for the funeral home only. They do not include cash advances.

Current Charges derived from our current 2024 General Price List:  In New York State there is NO "package" pricing on funerals. The samples below are not considered "packages", but examples of what is available and what our current charges are. You will receive a written contract, and itemization of goods and services. Your charges will reflect only the goods and services you have selected.

In New York State, embalming is not required. If you choose a visitation or funeral service with a closed casket, the embalming fee will be deducted from your financial statement.

If you would like to receive a copy of our General Price List (GPL), please call the Kevin M. Mason Funeral Home at 362-0199. We are happy to mail, fax or email you a copy.  Prices are subject to change, but any changes will be reflected in our GPL and updated on our website.

Concierge Cremation Service: This includes the local compassionate transfer of your loved one into our care, the arrangement conference (Meeting with the family to gather vital information  and obtain the necessary documents, notifying all parties associated with the cremation of the deceased, notifying Social Security Administration, assistance with VA benefits if applicable as well as insurance companies or other agencies, the required cremation container, transportation to your selected crematory, receiving the cremated remains once the cremation has been completed as any additional requests made by the family.

$800.00  This is the KEVIN M. MASON FUNERAL HOME fee. The crematory, certified death certificates, and a paid death notice are additional. The crematory charge is approx. $325.00, Erie County charges $10.00 per certified death certificate. We provide you with unlimited web space and a complimentary picture at no charge at www.kevinmmasonfuneralhome.com.  ONLY if you choose these items additional charges can include a paid death notice in the Buffalo News, clergy and/or church fees, cemetery charges, organist fees urn/vault and tribute cards. These items are not necessary for direct cremation but if you choose a service or additional items you will incur additional charges. Our prices and policies are very transparent and will we gladly quote you a price over the telephone or by email at your request. You may also request a copy of our current General Price List. 

CONCIERGE CREMATION WITH MEMORIAL VISITATION:  This includes all of the above professional services. In addition, you would have a memorial visitation with an urn on display, perhaps pictures or a memorial DVD, use of the funeral home for one day; (any hours you select), supervision of staff as required,  a service at the conclusion of the visitation, one hundred prayer/memorial cards, and a guest register book.

S1, 910.00  This is the Kevin M. Mason Funeral Home fee. The crematory, certified death certificates, and a paid death notice are additional.

TRADITIONAL VISITATION FOLLOWED BY CONCIERGE CREMATION: This includes the compassionate transfer of your loved one into our care, the arrangement conference, embalming of the deceased, a cremation casket, dressing and cosmetology / hairdressing of the deceased, use of the funeral home for one day, supervision of staff as required, a service at the conclusion of the visitation or next day, fifty prayer / memorial cards, a guest register book, basic transportation to the crematory [not a hearse but our first call van], the cremation (crematory fee),  receiving the cremated remains once the cremation has been completed.

$3, 995.00 This is all the Kevin M. Mason Funeral Home charges.  Certified death certificates, and a paid death notice are additional.

If you choose to have a church service there would be the additional church/organist's fees and hearse rental.

TRADITIONAL FUNERAL FOLLOWED BY A FUNERAL SERVICE and ENTOMBMENT / BURIAL: This includes the compassionate transfer of your loved one into our care, the arrangement conference, embalming of the deceased, dressing/casketing/ hairdressing, a choice of cloth covered casket, use of the funeral home for one day visitation followed by a funeral service,  memorial / prayer cards, a guest register book, supervision as required at the funeral home, a funeral service at the funeral home, cemetery or your church. Please note that clergy, cemetery fees, a vault if required, a paid death notice in the local paper and hearse rental are additional. All prices are derived from our current General Price List, which you will receive a copy of. 

$5, 455.00 This is all the KEVIN M. MASON FUNERAL HOME CHARGES. Prices may change without notice but will always be available on our General Price List or by calling the funeral home. Availability of merchandise as specified above may change - but you will always be given options.

What are Cash Advances?

Simply put, Cash Advances are non-funeral home charges.  They are itemized separately on your statement of goods & services itemization.  They can include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Cemetery Fees (Either purchasing a grave or the opening/closing of an existing grave)
  • Crematory Fees
  • Church / Clergy / Organist Fees
  • Certified Death Certificates
  • Death Notice / Obituary in News Papers
  • Tolls
  • Gratuities
  • Flowers

If there is a life insurance policy, we will do an assignment against the policy.  What this means is that all the services and merchandise you have selected will be totaled. The family will sign an Insurance Assignment Form allowing the Insurance Company to pay the funeral home that amount from the policy and the beneficiary will receive the balance.  For this to happen the family must provide the Life Insurance Policy at the time arrangements are made.  If there is NO life insurance, the family must pay for the cash advances, as itemized, prior to services being scheduled.

The Kevin M Mason Funeral Home fees are itemized separately.  If there is a life insurance policy, this amount along with the cash advances will be included in the Insurance Assignment. If the life insurance policy has enough funds to cover expenses there will be no out-of-pocket expenses for the family. if there is not enough funds to cover all funeral and/or cremation costs, the family will pay the difference.

If there is no life insurance, the family will be responsible to pay for all funeral home fees in addition to the cash advances. While the cash advances must be paid prior to services, we allow thirty days for the family to pay  the funeral home fees.  Two signatures are required on the statement of goods and services indicating both parties are responsible for payment.

Financial Difficulties in Your Time of Need

Financial Difficulties in Your Time of Need

While we understand that families may not have money readily available to pay for final expenses. In our humble attempt to assist families as best as we can, we pride ourselves of offering prompt, efficient, courteous and respectful funeral and cremation options at very reasonable prices.  The examples listed at the top of this page show how we can assist you financially while at the same time providing a beautiful and memorable tribute to your loved one.

Please do not hesitate to call us to discuss your particular circumstances.  We will listen, guide, and advise you with the best possible options.  For residents of Erie County who were receiving SSI or other governmental financial assistance, you may be eligible to receive up to $900.00 once the county has approved the application. It will take weeks, in most situations for the county to approve the application.  The deceased must not have tangible property, bank accounts, investments, etc. If we are NOT able to offer you assistance, we will direct you to the appropriate party who may be able to help you financially in your time of need.   The maximum amount anyone in this situation can receive is the $900.00 and that is payable directly to the funeral home.  You will be responsible to pay cash advances and additional ancillary item when you meet with the funeral director.

Before any decisions can be made or advice offered, we must know your financial circumstances and that of the deceased. We will do our very best to accommodate all families regardless of their financial circumstances.  Helping you in your time of need may may mean referring you elsewhere.

We are here for you to offer counsel, support and compassion in your time of need. Never hesitate to contact us for an open, honest discussion on how we may be able to help you.

Payment Options

We accept Life Insurance Assignments, Check, Money-Order, Cashiers / Bank Check, Cash, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

If there is an assignment on a life insurance policy, the beneficiary must sign the document. If there payment arrangements entered into, two immediate family members must sign the document.

What is a General Price List?

Every funeral home in New York State must be licensed and registered with the New York State Department of Health - Bureau of Funeral Directing. The Bureau of Funeral Directing along with the Federal Trade Commission specifies that each funeral home list all the services and merchandise offered to families and a a separate price for each. This information is contained in what is known as the GENERAL PRICE LIST commonly referred to as the GPL

The Funeral Director must present you with the General Price List when you begin making the funeral arrangements.  You have the right to request a GPL from any funeral home prior to scheduling a consultation whether at need or pre-need.  You will also receive a casket price list and a vault price list.

You select only the services and merchandise you want. The total for each will be itemized and reflected on a statement of goods and services.

The only fee that is non-negotiable is the Basic Arrangement Fee or the Arrangement Consultation Fee. This fee is charged by every funeral director for their professional experience and time and includes the services of the funeral home staff as well. If you choose direct cremation, this fee is included the funeral home cremation charge.

Statement of Goods and Services

Whether at need or pre-need when you are making funeral/cremation arrangements all the services and merchandise you selected

will be specified on an invoice known as Statement of Goods and Services. The prices for each service and the merchandise will also be specified. This is how the the total of all costs is determined.  This "invoice is broken down into two parts. All the funeral home services and charges are separated.  The Cash Advances, (non-funeral home charges) are also itemized individually. There will be a separate total for funeral home charges and merchandise and a separate total for cash advances.  These two totals are added together to you the balance of all services and merchandise.

Pre- Arranging  and Pre-funding for Final Expenses

Today many people find it more convenient to pre-plan and pre-fund for their funeral and/or cremation. You can pre-plan without pre-funding.

When you plan in advance whether for yourself or a family member you have time to contemplate your decisions and choices. Your family knows in advance what your wishes are and assured every detail will be fulfilled as you requested. Your confidential arrangement portfolio is kept secure and you have the option of making any changes at any time. Often families tell us that it provides peace of mind when the death occurs. Even though you have pre-arranged we discuss the details with your family at need. For your convenience, it is the practice of the Kevin M Mason Funeral Home to provide a written portfolio of your pre-arrangements to two immediate family members; (or whoever you designate), so they understand and acknowledge your wishes.

Even if you choose NOT to pre-arrange for your funeral/cremation in person at the funeral home, we encourage you to take the time and write your wishes down. It is important that your immediate family know what your wishes are. Consider your options; traditional funeral with burial or entombment, cremation, no visitation, church service or memorial service, what style of merchandise would you like?, what music would you like? ,  who should be notified?,  record where your important documents are kept, etc. By taking time before hand to make your wishes known, it will be a little less stressful for your family and provide solace that they can honor your requests.  As always, we will be happy to provide support and guidance in helping you pre-arrange or even record your wishes.

What Is an Irrevocable  and Revocable Trust Account? If I Pre-pay in Advance Who Keeps My Money?

When you pre-fund your expenses the money IS NOT deposited in the funeral home bank account. New York State has very specific guidelines for establishing pre-funding in advance of need.  You will meet with the funeral director and select the services and merchandise you request. You will receive a statement of goods and services detailing your selections and the price for each. Once the total has been established, that is the amount of the deposit. The law regulates that the monies are held with a third party thus establishing a trust account. The Kevin M. Mason Funeral Home use Cooperative Funeral Fund, Inc: (CFF). Your check would be made payable directly to CFF. You will receive a itemization, a photo copy of your check and all documentation. CFF will also send you notification as well.  You never loose this money. if you change facilities the money can be transferred, if you move, the money can be refunded. Both irrevocable and revocable trust accounts are interest bearing accounts.

the Kevin M. Mason Funeral Home will price guarantee the funeral home service fees. However, we can not price guarantee merchandise charges and cash advances as there prices increases our out of our control. (Please refer to cash advances above).

In simple terms, a revocable trust account is similar to a bank account. You can deposit into it (through the funeral home), you can deduct from it, again through the funeral home. Also with a irrevocable trust account, the Kevin M. Mason Funeral Home will price guarantee  the funeral home fess.

An irrevocable trust account is required for and encouraged for most people. Individuals  in nursing homes receiving Medicaid/ Medicare must have an irrevocable trust account established. The county or state can not touch this money nor can you or family members. The money is specifically earmarked for your final expenses. Also with a irrevocable trust account, the Kevin M. Mason Funeral Home will price guarantee  the funeral home fess.

Both Irrevocable and Revocable Trust Accounts bear interest and all accumulated interest is applied toward cash advance price increases. If there is a balance remaining, the family must pay the difference. If there remains money in the account once all accumulated interest has been applied, we will apply that money to allowed funeral/cremation expenses.

We acknowledge that when it comes to pre-funding and trust accounts, it can be overwhelming and confusing. We would ask you to never hesitate to call us with your questions or concerns. Either in person or on the telephone we will walk you through this process step by step and make sure you understand what your options are.